Yiannis Laouris (Cyprus Neuroscience & Technology Institute - Chair of Board, Project Manager)

Dr. Yiannis Laouris has been researching at the interface between neuroscience, learning and computers with postdoctoral experiences at various universities in Germany and the US. Extensive experience in managing people and coordinating projects, more than 25 peer-reviewed publications and over 100 conference participations in related matters. Director of CyberEthics (Safer Internet Awareness Node and Hotline), National Representative for Cost276 (Information & Knowledge Management for Integrated Media Communication) and COST 219ter (Accessibility for All to Services and Terminals for Next Generation Networks). Developer of the award-winning socially responsible curriculum of CYBERKIDS international chain of computer learning centre.



Tatjana Taraszow (Cyprus Neuroscience & Technology Institute - Project Coordinator)

Ms Tatjana Taraszow holds a MSc in Psychology with the emphases on media, educational, and organizational psychology (University of Tübingen, DE & McGill University, CA). Trained mediator, trained facilitator of structured dialogue, and being trained in Non-Violent Communication. Coordinated 2 bi-communal local projects. Coordination of multimedia-based learning project 'Hibernation'. Research team member of the Cypriot Safer Internet awareness node CyberEthics, the EU Kids Online Project and the new technology learning research project ‘MAPS’. Research tasks: study of teenagers’ behavior in social networking sites, validation of video-game-like interfaces, and development of questionnaires.



Elena Aristodemou (Cyprus Neuroscience & Technology Institute)

Ms Elena Aristodemou has a BS in Psychology (Monash Univ., Australia) and MSc in Psychological Research Methods from the Open University of UK (pending defense). Special interest in learning disabilities and cognitive processes. Specialized in research project design and statistical analysis. Projects: (1) research for project “EU Kids online”, (2) development of video-game like interfaces that correlate non-verbal mental abilities with learning, (3) study of on-line attitudes of youngsters in virtual environments and social networking sites.



Soteris Demetriou (Cyprus Neuroscience & Technology Institute)

Soteris Demetriou


Mr. Demetriou Soteris has a diploma (5 year engineering degree) in Electrical and Computer Engineering, bestowed by the University of Patras, Greece. He is also a registered member of Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (abbreviation in greek: ETEK): The Chamber of CSTC (ETEK), included Mr. Demetriou in the Register of Members of Electronic Engineering including Information Technology Engineering and in the Register of Members of Electrical Engineering. He has a deep interest in innovative interactive applications that integrate technology in education and learning and he is concerned with Internet Security and Safety. Furthermore he is engaged with web development and software development for mobile devices. Mr. Demetriou is also the administrator and senior developer of our FW-pedia .



Jack Burston (University of Cyprus Language Centre - Director, Local Project Coordinator)


Yiola Papadopoulou (University of Cyprus Language Centre – Lecturer)

Ms Yiola Papadopoulou is an English language instructor at UCZ. She has expertise in curriculum development in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and in preparing research proposals. She has been involved in project work (Grundtvig II Stellla).  Apart from her interest in Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition, she has a special interest in Educational Technology and more specifically in Computer Assisted Language Learning, e-learning and mobile learning. She has extensive experience in software evaluation for second language learning. She has obtained her BA in Linguistics and Modern English Language (University of Lancaster, 2000) and her Master in Information and Communication Technology (University of Manchester, 2001).



Josu Waliño (Elhuyar Foundation - Innovation Manager, Local Project Coordinator)

Mr Josu Waliño Pizarro holds a BA in Computer Science at the University of the Basque Country (1996) and Postgraduate Degree in Project Management by the University of Mondragon (2006). Currently he is working as Project Manager at Elhuyar and is a member of the management of the Foundation. As Project Manager he has been working at different R&D projects, e.g., Hizking21, AnHitz or OpenTrad as well as computational linguistic development projects. He set up the linguistic engineering SME Eleka in 2001 and ran it as General Manager between 2002 and 2003 when he came back to Elhuyar as Project Manager. He has coordinated localization of multinational software packages to Basque of Microsoft Windows, Office, Linux and Open Office.


Danel Solabarrieta (Elhuyar Foundation)

Mr Danel Solabarrieta Arrizabalaga holds a BA in Educational Psychology from the University of the Basque Country in 2000 and Bachelor in Childhood Education from the University of the Basque Country in 1998. Since 2002 working in the field of educational media editing within the Elhuyar Foundation. He has been the responsible for the coordination and development of content in the production of about 15 Multimedia educational products in different media (CD-ROM and online) for various stages of education (primary, secondary and baccalaureate).




Alastrir Briggs (Luzia Research - Technical Director, Local Project Coordinator)

Mr Alastair Briggs is Technical Director of Luzia Research with 2 years experience building educational resources for mobile phones. Prior to Luzia, Al has 10 years technical experience at Director, Architect and Developer level in Java, Web and mobile technologies. Al has a Bachelors and Masters in Theorectical Physics form the University of London.




Gerard McCann (St. Mary's University College - Senior Lecturer & Module Coordinator, Local Project Coordinator)

Dr Gerard McCann is a Senior Lecturer and Module Co-ordinator in European Studies at St Mary’s University College, Queens University Belfast. He previously taught at the University of Ulster, and has lecturing experience at universities in Memphis, Cork, Seattle, and the Universität Paderborn. His educational background includes a PhD in economics and social science, a MEd specialising in EU education policy, a MA in scholastic philosophy, a DipEd and PGCHET. He was the Chairperson of the Centre for Global Education (2004-2007), and is currently the academic manager of the Department for International Development funded 'Global Dimension in Education' Project.



Padaí de Bléine (St. Mary's University College)


Seán Mac Labhraí (St. Mary's University College)

Jointly responsible for delivery of the content of the B.Ed., BA. Liberal Arts and PGCE (TICO) Pathways. This includes elements of language and grammar, prose translation, literature (both contemporary and classical), history of the language, Irish Language and the media, and Teaching Methodology.
Member of CEA Subject Advisory Panel for A Level Irish and provider of support materials for the revised curriculum content.
Member of Coiste Náisiúnta Scoildrámaíochta, Coiste Uladh and Coiste an Iúir.
Member of Coiste Náisiúnta an Chomhlachas Náisiúnta Drámaíochta.

Research Interests
Gaelic Prose and Poetry of Ulster in the 18th Century.
Manuscript Tradition of Ulster (17th – 19th century).
Contemporary Irish Literature.
Recent Publications :
Collegian (2005) “Gaelic Manuscripts in St. Malachy’s College Archive”.
Taighde agus Teagasc 5 (2006) Pádraig Ó Pronntaigh Scríobhaí.
Taighde agus Teagasc 6 (2008) Pádraig Ó Pronntaigh File.
An Áit a nÓlann an tUan an Bainne (2008) Cló na Seaneaglaise, Leabhar agus DVD ar shaol John Ghráinne Uí Dhuibheannaigh le grianghraif agus gluais.
Currently preparing M.A. thesis on the life and work of Cavan priest and poet, Philip Brady (Pilib Ministéir) for publication.


Pavlina Lazaridou (ANTIGONE - Financial Officer, Local Project Coordinator)

Ms Pavlina Lazaridou holds a BA in Economics, with specialization in Management (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki). She has a wide range of experience working in an accounting department, being a researcher, working as an administrative director of an NGO, giving lectures and seminars. Since 2004 she is the financial officer at Antigone, moreover, she is the project manager of the transport system research group at the Aristotle University.




Evagelia Geromihalou (ANTIGONE)


Nektarios Basdekis (ANTIGONE)


Christos Goudinakos (ANTIGONE)


Vasiliki Slavidou (DROMOS - Financial Officer, Local Project Coordinator)

Ms Vasiliki Slavidou holds a MA International and European Studies (University of Athens). She has vast experience in coordinating and managing projects. Moreover, she has been involved in various projects that aim at empowering migrants and refugees.





Elisavet Papaharalampous (DROMOS)

Ms Elisavet Papaharalampous has long lasting experience of teaching Greek to migrants and refugees and involvement in the organization of intercultural meetings and events between Greeks and migrants and refugees.





Drakos Andreas (Web Development)

Mr. Drakos Andreas has a BSc in Computer Science and Finance Management from the University of Mesologgi. He has a special interest in web design with Joomla, HTML-PHP and database with Microsoft Access (My SQL). He is the it manager of the cnti and he upgraded and extended our website.