What kind of phone do I need to run MobLang?

The minimal requirements are that your phone must support Java programming and have an external memory card such as MicroSD, MiniSD, SD card, Memory Stick.

How can I tell if my phone can support Java programming?

There is no easy way to check if your phone supports Java, but nearly all mobile phones now support Java. Phones that don’t support Java are iPhone, Android phones and Windows phones.


How can I tell if my phone has a memory card slot?

Check the User's manual of your phone, if it takes a memory card its location should be indicated there. The slot for a memory card is usually accessible from the outside of a phone, protected by a security cover. Sometimes, however, you have to open the phone and remove the battery to access the memory card slot.

What do I need to do if my phone has a memory card slot, but no card is installed?

You will need to purchase a memory card. It is advisable to purchase a name brand memory card. Cheap memory cards can cause operational problems.

Can I use a standard SD memory card with my phone?

No, a standard SD memory card is physically too large to fit in a mobile phone. On the other hand, you may need to acquire an SD card adapter to allow the MicroSD card to be read by a computer memory card reader.

What capacity memory card do I need?

A MicroSD card of 2GB capacity is more than enough. Virtually all phones can handle this capacity. Before buying a larger capacity memory card, check your phone's User's manual to make sure your phone can handle it.

How do I get MobLang onto my phone?

You need to copy the program files to your phone's external memory card

Can I add the MobLang program files to an installed memory card that already has something else on it?

As long as there is sufficient free space on the memory card, the MobLang program files can be copied to it. About 40MB free space is required.

How do I obtain the MobLang program?

MobLang program can be freely obtained through the following three methods:

  1. At a Language Café meeting.
  2. Via download from the MobLang website to a computer. In order to do so, please choose the language pair that you are interested in from the top menu: Greek-Albanian, Spanish-Basque, Turkish-Greek, English-Irish, Greek-Turkish, or Greek-Turkish for nurses. Downloaded files are in a compressed zip format and need to be extracted. Once extracted, all the files will be contained in a folder called "moblang". This folder has to be transferred to your phone's memory card.
  3. Via direct dowload to your mobile phone through the Internet from the following website: (Please bear in mind that your mobile phone needs to have correct settings to connect to the Internet. Contact your mobile phone provider for more details.)

How do I transfer MobLang program files from my computer to the memory card in my phone?

The MobLang program files can be transferred to your phone's memory card in two ways: either by inserting the card directly into a computer memory card reader or indirectly via a USB cable connection between the computer and your phone.

How do I transfer Moblang program files from a computer memory card reader to my phone?

First you need to remove the memory card from your phone and place it in the memory card reader of your computer. Most computers with a built-in memory card reader only work with the larger SD card format, so if your phone works with a MicroSD card you may need to place your MicroSD card into an SD card adapter.

How can I transfer MobLang program files to my phone’s memory card if my computer doesn’t have an in-built memory card reader?

You can attach an external memory card reader to your computer or use a USB cable to connect the computer to your phone. Most external memory card readers can work directly with a MicroSD card. If not, you will first need to place your MicroSD card into an SD card adapter.

What kind of a USB cable do I need to connect my phone to my computer?

A special USB cable is needed. It has a normal USB plug on one end (for the computer) and a tiny plug on the other end (for the phone). The cable you need is usually supplied with your phone.

How can I tell that my phone is correctly connected to the computer?

A message should be displayed on your mobile phone screen indicating that you are connected to the computer. Normally an options menu also appears. You should select "data transfer" or something similar to indicate you want to copy files from the computer to the phone's memory card.

Once I have connected my phone’s memory card or my phone to my computer, how do I actually transfer the MobLang program files?

The computer treats your phone's memory card as if it were a computer hard drive. To transfer the MobLang program files, all you need to do is drag the (uncompressed) "moblang" folder from the computer to the top level of the memory card.

How do I get MobLang to work on my phones once all the files have been transferred?

To complete the install of MobLang you must visit website from your mobile phone. If your phone can not connect to the Internet then you need to contact your network operator and they will enable the Internet connection settings for your phone.

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